Our Dental Fees

We strive to provide dental care at an affordable price. It is our goal that your out-of-pocket portion be as minimal as possible. Every insurance company and plan differs and unfortunately some companies will cover far less than others will. We strive to have the same or similar fees, as insurance companies will pay in their fee schedules. We base our fees on the most common and current insurance fee schedules. If you have 100% coverage for a procedure that means that under most insurance plans there will be little or nothing for you to pay out-of-pocket.

Direct Billing:

At Sun City Dental we direct bill your insurance company. Direct billing means that our clinic sends your bill straight to your health insurance company for payment. This frees up your time so you will not need to do the administrative work of forwarding your bill to file a claim with your insurance company. It also allows you to settle your dental bill by paying out-of-pocket right away. After your insurance company is direct-billed, you are only required to pay whatever portion of the bill your insurance did not cover.